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Ok Will, now we need to stop him from hoarding genius and radness

"I do worry a little that pretty tunes will be devoured by all of the young white suburban kids screaming about how much pain they are in. That kind of music I can do without."

"But then other songs are just kind of like wordplay, because I have a lot of fun just letting my mind wander and doing a stream of consciousness style of writing. And so there are songs like "Rapture Rapes the Muses," I don't really know what that means... It just came to me."

"What's the most evil thing in the world?
Kevin Barnes: People who abuse children or animals."

"Then for the same song [The Problem with April], we wanted to have party noises in the background, so we went into the bathroom with champagne glasses and a microphone and pretended to have a party [laughs]. Yeah, we had a party in the bathroom."

Fortunately, we won't stop him.
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