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I can't handle the shittyness of the German program at UC Davis

Might I remind you, UC Davis, that some people do ACTUALLY STUDY German? And even on your campus! No way! I don't believe it!

Now, let's be real: offer more than a measly three upper division courses, one lame-o one of which I have already taken.

I don't need to say please. Fucking get on it!

Un-Sincere about you system,


The good news: Slovenian rap is like a 100% silk-lined Cashmere coat. Made in Slovenia (no, not Italy)! For explanation of my Slovenian TA, see previous statement, except exchange "-lined Cashmere coat" for "panties."

Also, the elections: [The Flying Spaghetti Monster] Bless America! Except California....ns who think they are blessed because they voted yes on 8.
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