Mollykins (guesswho_i_am) wrote,

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Notes on unconcerned truths:

I have a collection of fingernails beneath my door
White lies don't ask what they don't tell
of me, don't sick the sink
the ship in creaks that hum those
nice old shadow tunes
Whistling quarters turn corners
They flip a feat in great heights
without fear you echo for hollow endings
no conclusion in spots over
a field of cellos serenading
a pocket full of faded flowers
mourning their plastic replacements

I spent a cart on railways
I played a plucked violin
under the umbrella of yellow rainboots
I write I wrote
I dance terribly in piles
of fingernails I light a derailed fire.
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Notes on "Notes on unconcerned truths:": Sadly enough, I do actually have a fingernail collection, although it is next to my computer and not "beneath my door." To put in your own collection of "Things you never wanted to know about Molly Raney that she told you anyhow." Someone should write a poem on that topic.

I wrote this poem while listening to several songs by Of Montreal, of which the poem vaguely references. It also briefly references my interpretation of a really awesome Andrew Bird song, "Scythian Empires."
duuude I was going to say that this poem reminds me of an Andrew Bird song

good stuff-- I really like this one. I was reading it while listening to my mother talk about the cuteness of Elodie's baby.
Yes!! I can't believe this reminds you of an Andrew Bird song! That makes me incredibly happy.

Thanks. So your mom finally delivered the sweater? I'll have to go over soon and see it. Yeah, Elodie's baby is damned cute.
"I knew it!"